“Got to the root of my problems.”

Megan, I cannot thank you enough. When literally NOTHING worked for me: WW, Ideal Protein, Optavia, Keto, I tried it all... Sure I would lose a few pounds but they would not stay off and I never FELT any better. Then we talked at length, tried different approaches and you coached me and got to the root cause of my problems and tailored a new path and now I am losing weight on my own, have more mental clarity than I have had in years, my joints are better and I have energy! I could not be more grateful for working with me to forge a healthier, happier path. Thank you!

— J.M.

“Taking my body back.”

If you join Megan, she'll help you to improve in all aspects of your life, not just in terms of your health. She provides you with tools to address whatever you believe is preventing you from looking, feeling, and being your best. With Megan as my coach, I accomplished my goal of dropping a jean size within a matter of weeks. In the process, I also figured out that some of my weight and health issues were stemming from a lack of balance in my life. Thanks to Megan I’m on the road to taking my body back!"

— T.A.

“It’s all about the journey!”

I am now much more mindful of what I eat, and I am active and find myself more energetic than I have been in years. My whole family noticed a positive change in me. I am enjoying every minute of the new, "young", me!
Megan led a group of very different people with a healthy dose of sense of humor, optimism, encouragement and accountability. Best thing I have done for myself in a long, long time. It's all about the journey, and Megan has made it a great one!"

— M.K.

“A new way of life.”

This journey with food & fitness guided by Megan has been amazing.The support from her along with the support from an amazing group of women has kept me on track. Daily motivation & support from Megan is the accountability I need & want on a daily basis. I'm loving this program! Thanks, Megan, for doing what you're doing. I can't say enough.

— J.W.

“Came to terms with some of my habits.”

My journey is much like every other one you have likely heard or read. Diet, lose weight, workout, stop for whatever reason, gain back the weight, repeat. I have always had periods in my life where I have taken fitness very seriously and made it a priority. However, nothing had ever really stuck . . . until now. The accountability and checking in portion of the group is what does it for me! I need some external accountability in forming and maintaining my habits. This group has given me that and so much more.

— T.G..


Megan is so completely upbeat and non-judgemental. She really helped me realize that sometimes life gets in the way, but that's ok, we just pick back up and keep going...always looking forward. Megan also encourages celebrating milestones and life accomplishments. I have learned to "plan" when these celebrations arise so as to not derail myself completely. Thank you Megan, from the bottom of my heart. I feel better, I'm happier and I sleep better! I have no doubt that I have put years back onto my life because if you!"

— L.K.

“Lifted me up in every way.”

I’m not one of those people who needed a transformation; I’m one of those people who needed a nudge. But what I got was a transformation! What made the plan easy - or really, a priority - was Megan with daily motivation and accountability. I’ve never felt so healthy, felt so upbeat or slept so well. Every facet of my life improved. I don’t know how she does it but Megan will be up before you everyday, and will have already answered your question before you ask it. Plus, she’ll make you laugh. What could you possible be waiting for??

— L.D.